2019 Oct 20, Sunday
09:00 13:30 Registration
13:00 15:30 Opening Ceremony

Opening Presentation
R.Mulder - Trends, challenges and sustainability  in world poultry production
15:30 17:00 Niğde City Tour
19:30 21:00 Welcome Reception
2019 Oct 21, Monday
09:00 10:30 Session-1 - PLENARY SESSION Head of Session:
Invited presentations
09:00 09:30 S.Koca Global poultry meat production trends: Future prospects and Turkey
09:30 10:00 S.Özkan  
10:00 10:30


Evaluation of Different Control Programs of Coccidiosis in Poultry and the Invention of a Related Comprehensive Method

10:30 10:45 Coffee & Tea Break
10:45 12:30 Session-2 - NUTRITON-I Head of Session
Invited Presentations
10:45 11:15 M.Ü.Karakuş Global poultry feed production: Natural resources and future  (1345)
11:15 11:45 A. Meeusen The role of Eubiotics today’s poultry nutrition 
Short Oral Presentations
11:45 12:00 M. Bozkurt , G. Ege, B. Koçer, N. Aysul, A. E.Tüzün, A. G. Güler, E. Şimşek  Efficacy of in-feed preparations of an anticoccidial, multi-enzyme, prebiotic, probiotic, and herbal essential oil mixture in healthy and Eimeria spp.-infected broilers regarding growth performance, intestinal lesion score, fecal oocyst output and immunity (1413)
12:00 12:15 M. Ünal, C. Özalp, Z.Şahan, U. Serbester, F. Yenilmez, Y. Uzun, H. R. Kutlu, L. Çelik Effects of the dietary black pepper (Piper nigrum) and turmeric powder (Curcuma longa L.) on the performance and egg quality in laying hens (1309)
5 Minutes Poster Presentations
12:15 12:20 A.Bülbül, V.Özdemir, T.Bülbül In vitro determination of the effect of rosemary and thyme essential oils on intestinal motility in broiler (1287)
12:20 12:25 Ç. Aslan, A. Yıldırım, Ö. Düzlü, Z. Önder, A. Çiloğlu, G. Ş. Demirpolat, A. İnci Investigation of Eimeria species in chickens in Samsun region by Real Time PCR (1351)
12:25 12:30 R.Yasmeen, Z.Ali,  S.Tyrrel, Z.A.Nasir Characterization of metals in intensive poultry farming facilities (1141)
12:30 13:30 Lunch break  
13:30 15:00 Session-3 - HEALTH Head of Session:
Invited Presentation
13:30 14:00 M.Hafez Foodborne diseases and poultry production
Short Oral Presentations
14:00 14:15 V. N. Afonyushkin, E. I. Ryabchikova, Е. V. Dudareva, А. N. Axenov, A. Shadrina  Evaluation of flavivirus infection role in decrease of broiler chicken productivity in the Russian Federation in 2011-2013 (1104)
14:15 14:30 A.G.Sağlam Detection of thermophilic Campylobacter species from Mallard (Anas platyhynchos) (1105)
14:30 14:45 M.Okur, A.Yıldırım, Ö.Düzlü, A.Çiloğlu, Z. Önder, A.G.Ergen, B.Dik,  G.Yetişmiş, A.İnci Molecular investigation of Atoxoplasma spp. in free-range chickens along with some findings on migrating avian species from Sultan Marshes in Turkey (1350)
14:45 15:00 E. V. Yerlituerk, V. N. Afonyushkin, M. L. Filipenko, E. A. Khrapov

Antagonistic Activity of Intestinal Lactobacteria against  Salmonella enterica isolated from chicken and turkey (1411)

15:00 15:15 Coffee&tea Break
15:15 16:30 Session-4 - NUTRITION-II Head of Session:
Short Oral Presentations
15:15 15:30 R. Gous, C. Fisher, E. Tumova, V. Machander Predicting the weights of the body parts of two strains of growing turkeys using allometry (1429)
15:30 15:45 C. K. Bozbaya, A. Akdağ,  H. Atan, L. Bayyurt Diet Ca and P levels effect early bone development of broilers without any deterioration in growth performance (1063)
15:45 16:00 M. Gopi, N. Dutta, J.R.  Jaydip, K. Gautham, G.S. Khillare, J. Mohan Supplementary polyphenols improved the welfare of heat stressed broilers under different protein matrix (1102)
16:00 16:15 E. Andrianova, I. Egorov, A. Shevyakov, E. Grigoryeva, A. Kosterev, D. Kuznetsov The use of potassium carbonate in the lysine deficient broiler diets  (1222)
16:15 16:30 T.Ayaşan, B.Söğüt,  Hakan İnci The effect of different levels of lentil byproduct on growth performance, carcass traits and egg production in quail (Coturnix coturnix Japonica (1037)
16:30 16:45 R.Yasmeen, Z.Ali,  S.Tyrrel, Z. A.Nasir Characterization of metals in intensive poultry farming facilities (1254)
16:45 17:00 A.Meeusen The role of Eubiotics today’s poultry nutrition
17:15 19:30 Social Program Turasan wine tour
2019 Oct 22
09:00 10:15 Session-5 - GENETICS AND GENOMICS Head of Session:
Invited presentation
09:00 09:30 M.Cassandro Poultry genetic resources
09:30 10:00 K.Sahin, C.Orhan, M.Tuzcu N.Sahin Antioxidant supplementation and its effect on alleviation of negative effects of stress: molecular and genetic basis (1326)
10:00 10:15 E.Demir, T.Karslı, M.S.Balcıoğlu, H.G.Fidan, M.Aslan, S.Aktan, B.A.Karslı, K.Karabağ, E. Şahin Determination of Polymorphism in the Dopamine D2 Receptor (DRD2) Gene in Five White Layer Lines Using PCR-RFLP Method (1147)
10:15 10:30 M.Cassandro, F.Cendron Productive and reproductive performances of different poultry breeds conserved in northeast of Italy (1344)
10:30 10:45 Coffee&tea Break
10:45 12:30 Session-6 - INCUBATION Head of Session:
Invited presentation
10:45 11:15 R.Molenaar Incubation period and its effect on early postnatal development (1340)
Short Oral Presentations
11:15 11:30 A.A.Kamboh, S.S.Memon Immunomodulatory effects of honey supplementation in eggs and water in commercial broilers (1182)
11:30 11:45 S.Sarıca, K.Erensoy, A.Özsoy Comparison of Embryo Development and Quality Characteristics of Uncontrolled Village Eggs and Commercial Eggs Produced in Different Seasons (1051)
11:45 12:00 R.Shiranjang, S.Özlü, O.Elibol The effect of egg storage period, hatching time, and initial brooding litter temperature on performance of chicks from young breeder (1288)
5 Minutes Poster Presentations
12:00 12:05 A. Bulancak,M. Baylan Effects of Propolis and Thyme Essential Oil as a Bio¬fumigants on Growth Performance Parameters of Hatching Eggs (1161)
12:05 12:10 M. Shahzad, K.Li, J.Li Modulation of suppression of HIF1α/VEGF/VEGFR signaling pathway by isoquinoline alkaloid berberine in avian tibial dyschondroplasia (1009)
12:10 12:15 E.Cetin, B.Anar, S.Temelli, S.Sule Cengiz, M. Eren Effect of oregano and rosemary essential oil supplementation on broiler performance and caecal microflora (1080)
12:15 12:20 B.C.Güz, R.Molenaar, I.de Jong, B.Kemp, H.V. D. Brand, M.V. Krimpen Effects of dietary replacement of organic minerals, fish oil and hydrolyzed collagen on tibia characteristics of broiler chickens (1206)
12:20 12:25 I.Coskun, F.Saydut, A.Korkmaz, A.Sahin Probiotic Effect of Yogurt on Caecal Microflora of Quails (Coturnix coturnix Japonica) (1307)
12:25 12:30 A.Sözcü, A.İpek Changes In Embryo Development and Chick Quality From Four Different Egg Sizes in Bronz Turkey (1120)
12:30 13:30 Lunch break  
13:30 15:00 Session-7 - MANAGEMENT Head of Session:
Invited presentation
13:30 14:00 Z.Yıldırım, M.Yalçınalp Preparing Broiler Breeder Females for Optimum Production (1327)
Short Oral Presentations
14:00 14:15 C.Konyalı, H.Erdem, T.Savaş The Current Situation of Free Range Egg Production Farms: The Model of Çanakkale Region (1323)
14:15 14:30 M. Ben Larbi, B. Weslati , C. Darej, N. M’hamdi Effects of different types of litter on the performance and quality at  slaughter of broilers chicken  (1143)
14:30 14:45 B.Tugnolia, A.Pivaa, E.Grillia Positive impact of AviPlus®P on the growth performance of broiler chickens exposed to a mild necrotic enteritis challenge model with C. perfringens and re-used litter (1426)
14:45 15:00 B.Gürer, E.Akyol The Consumption and Consumer Preferences of Poultry Meat and Egg: The Case of the University of Niğde Ömer Halisdemir (1299)
15:00 15:15 Coffee & Tea Break
15:15 16:30 Session-8 - PRODUCT QUALITY Head of Session:
15:15 15:30 B.Öztürk, M.Serdaroğlu, M.Karabıyıkoğlu Quality Attributes of Chicken Nuggets Produced by Using Different Gluten-Free Ingredients (1215) 
15:30 15:45 R.A.de Souzab, J.L.M.de Melloc, L.T.Carvalhob, A.G.Ganecoc, R.F.de Oliveirac, E.N.F.Cavalcantic, M.A.Trindadeb, P.A.de Souzac, H.Borbac Chemical composition of breast meat from broilers affected by white striping myopathy (1427)
15:45 16:00 B.Koçer, M.Bozkurt, G.Ege, A.E.Tüzün, O. Olgun, R.Konak Effects of a Meal Feeding Regimen and the Availability of Fresh Alfalfa on Meat and Bone Quality of Broiler Genotypes (1414)
16:00 16:15 M.Yüceer, C.Caner: Ultrasound Treatment of Fresh Eggs Ultrasound Treatment of Fresh Eggs- Effects on Microbial Quality  carcass  (1369) 
16:15 16:30 5 Minutes Poster Presentations  
16:15 16:20 K.Kozłowskia, A.Lauwaertsb, J.Jankowskia Reducing gut lesions caused by bacterial enteritis with a specific blend of esterified fatty acids (1101)
16:20 16:25 S.Baytur, H.M.Velioğlu Investigation of emulsion capacity of game bird meat (1231) 
16:25 16:30 C.Babür, B.Karatepe, S.Kılıç, M.Karatepe, G.Ergün A Note on Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in Turkeys (1082)
16:30 16:35 E.D.Fidan Effects of photoperiod length and light intensity on performance and some carcass characteristics in broilers (1402)
16:35 16:40 B. R. de Oliveira Castilho, J. L. M.de Mello, M. L.  Maduro, A. G. Ganeco, L. T. Carvalho, H. Borba, L. C.do Nascimento, L. Amoroso Histopathological aspects of Pectoralis major muscle of broilers chickens affected by deep pectoral myopathy (1399)
16:40 16:45 A. Rahman, I. S. Cetingul, C. Uyarlar, A. B. Akkaya, E. E. Gultepe, A. Ulucan, I. Bayram Effect of dietary supplementation of kefir on body measurements, giblet weight and gut morphology in Geese (1324)
16:45 17:15 Closing  
20:30 22:30 Gala Dinner  
2019 Oct 20, Sunday
09:00 18:00 Social Program Cappadocia Tour


2019 Oct 20, Sunday
10:45-12:30 Session-2        NUTRITION-I
ID Autors Title
1012 M. A. Özcan, M. Midilli, L. Gülüm, M. Gören Are antimicrobial peptides an alternative to antibiotics in poultry feeding?
1040 G. Saleh, H. Sanusi Effect of feeding sweet potatoes based diets on performance, carcass by-products and visceral organs of broiler finisher
1041 M. Hedayati, S. Khalaji, M. Manafi, E. Nazari, S. Almasi Evaluation of the inclusion of Origanumvulgare extract in diets for laying quails to improve egg production and egg quality
1042 M. Hedayati, M. Manafi, S. Khalaji, M. Yari Comparison study of of Origanum vulgare ethanolic extract with bacitracin methylene disalicylate laying quails on blood biochemical and immune response
1060 A. H. Alizadeh-Ghamsari, S. A. Hosseini, H. Lotfollahian, A. Yaghobfar Effect of using amaranth grain in pellet diet on productive traits of broiler chickens
1062 D. Yeşilbağ, Ş. Ş. Cengiz, İ. Çetin Influence of rosemary and fennel volatile oil on performance and egg quality parameters in layer quail diets
1066 R. Akyel, K. E. Buğdaycı The effects of two different lysine sources (l-lysine hydrochloride or l-lysine sulfate) supplementation to laying hen rations on performans, egg quality and some blood parameters
1075 M. Mezaache, N. Alloui, O. Bennoune Effect of phytogenic on the gut morphohistology of broiler chickens
1081 D. Yesilbag, S. S. Cengiz, I. Cetin, Y. Meral, H. Biricik Using of aromatic juniper oil in quail diets
1095 Ş. Ş. Cengiz, D. Yeşilbağ, M. Eren, İ. Çetin Effects of essential oils and their mixtures (oregano, rosemary, fennel) on the performance and tibia characteristics of broilers
1096 Ş. Ş. Cengiz, D. Yeşilbağ, İ. Çetin, M. Eren, G. Topaloğlu Bromass as an alternative protein source for broiler feed
1097 D. S. Popat, C. Deo, J. J. Rokade, N. A. Mir, O. P. Dinani, A. B. Mandal Effect of different dietary calcium phosphorus ratios and variable vitamin D3 levels on the laying performance and egg quality traits of CARI Sonali Birds
1127 Z. Hayat, M. Izhar ul, H. Z. Ullah Aniseed powder: Effect on growth performance and blood biochemistry of Japanese quails
1134 A. E. Tüzün, M. Bozkurt, B. Koçer, G. Ege Influence of particle size and form of the feed on growth performance and digestive organ development of white egg-laying pullets from 1 to 112 days of age
1136 S. Uysal, E. Yılmaz, M. Gul The effect of feeding of poultry on intestinal health
1146 A. K.halid Seham, G. E. Mahgoub Comparison between local and imported commercial concentrates on the performance of broiler chicks
1157 K. Karasu, E. Öztürk The determination of consumers' perception, attitude and behavior about the influence of nutrition on chicken meat quality
1159 E. Ekici, Y. Gurbuz Expender technology in mixed feed production
1181 Y. Akbar,V. Nikoofard The effects of cell wall polysaccharide diets on dietary energy metabolism, VFA, viscosity, and intestinal pH of broiler chickens
1188 A. Sanei, M. Ebrahimnejad Nutrition management in chickens under heat stress using different levels of anti-heat stress supplement
1190 S. N. Saber, J. Yusefi Influence of salbutamol (beta adrenergic agonist) on carcass characteristics and same blood parameters in male broiler chicken
1201 S. Çalışlar, B. Yeter, M. Duman, A. Şekeroğlu The effects of melatonin on poultry
1223 E. Andrianova, I. Egorov, V. Fisinin, E. Grigoryeva Lupine in diets for broilers, broiler breeders, and laying hens
1227 R. M. Bilal, F. Hassan, M. Jameel Effect of different levels of distillery yeast sludge on immune level, egg quality and performance of layers as a substitute of soybean meal
1229 Ö. Durna Aydın, G. Yıldız Effects of usage of thyme and black cumin oil on performance, histomorphological parameters and cecum volatile fatty acids in broilers
1232 R. Aydin, A. K. Özuğur  The effect of dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on the fatty acid composition and cholesterol content of eggs in turkeys
1234 S. Canoğulları Doğan, M. Baylan, Z. Erdoğan, G. Çopur Akpınar, A. Küçükgül, V. Düzgüner Performance, egg quality and serum parameters of Japanese quails fed diet supplemented with Spirulina platensis
1236 K. M. Sabuncuoğlu, F. Korkmaz, D. Narinç, H. E. Şamlı Usage possibilities of mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) in poultry diets
1241 M. R. Hassan, M. A. G. Rabbanı, S. Sultana, N. R. Sarker, Y. C. JU, K. S. RYU Use of different probiotic strains with level of inoculations on the performance, meat qualities and blood properties of broiler chicks
1253 M. Tufan, İslim Polat Açık, H. Cinli, H. R. Kutlu Cultivation of Spirulina platensis by using layer manure and its potential to use in layer feed as a feed additive
13:30-15:00 Session-3      HEALTH
ID Authors Title
1053 H. Oguz Meta analytic study on detoxification of aflatoxin in poultry fe
1088 H. Erdem, C. Konyalı, H. I. Akbağ, B. Coşkun, T. Savaş Influence of different population sizes of poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) on hematological values in Japanese quail chicks
1106 S. J. Wajid, A. H. Jasim, A. H. Mahdi Spontaneous cases of colibacillosis in broiler chickens in Sammawah city, Iraq
1114 T. Sakin, Z. Yıldırım Isolation Escherichia coli O157:H7 bacteriophages from different water sources and wastewaters
1130 Ö. Şahan Yapıcıer, M. Saatçi, S. Yaman, O. Sav Effects of energized oxygen in drinking water to laying hens feces microorganism count
1132 G. Ege, M. Bozkurt, B. Koçer, A. E. Tüzün, H. H. Bıyık, E. Poyrazoğlu, M.Uygun, G. Alkan Effects of particle size and physical form of the diet on Caecum microbiota, internal organ ph, gastrointestinal histomorphology and pancreatic enzyme activity in laying pullets
1139 C. Konyalı, H. Erdem, T. Savaş Prevalence of Dermanyssus gallinae and relation with henhouse conditions of backyards in Çanakkale province in Turkey
1152 A. Azizpour, S. Seifi  Serological study of H5, H7 and H9 avian influenza viruses in native geese and ducks of rural areas around Neor Lake in Ardabil Province, northwestern Iran
1213 B. Kenar, A. E. Harmandar ELISA detection of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Mycoplasma synoviae antibodies in poultry blood sera
1225 N. Debbou-Iouknane, H. Benbarek, A. Ayad Prevalence and aetiology of coccidiosis of broiler chicken in Bejaia province, Algeria
1230 S. Seifi, R. Khoshbakht, A. Azizpour Effect of prebiotic on broilers challenged with Salmonella enteritidis
1244 A. Pavlicevic, R. Radomir, M. Dotlic, I. Stojanov, I.Pavlovic  Physical control deficiencies Dermanyssus gallinae, and how to overcome them
1392 S. S. Berezin, Ju. N. Kozlova, N. V. Davidova, V.N. Afonyushkin SibMOS pro as an alternative to fodder antibiotics
1393 S. S. Berezin, E. Zinchenko, Ju. N. Kozlova, V. N. Afonyushkin Hepafon - complex hepatoprotector
1404 P. Sacakli, A. Ceylan, A. Calik Effects of dietary glutamine and quercetin on performance and jejunum histomorphology of broilers
1409 E. A. Ovseychik, V. S. Lukashenko, E. N. Andrianova  The use of immunomodulator in drinking water for broiler chicks
1410 M. Z. Akram, H. Jalal, U. Siddiq, A. Ahmed,  M. Arif, A. Aslam, S. Qadir Point prevalence of gastro-intestinal parasites and zoonotic risk associated with captive birds of Gujranwala and Jhang district (Punjab, Pakistan)
1415 F. Bussy, C. Gouin, N. Guriec, B. Quero, O. Mathiaud, M. Le Goff, P. Nyvall-Collen  An extract of Ulva sp. stimulates innate immunity under in vitro conditions in broilers
1416 F. Bussy, L. Miel, M. Gallissot, O. Mathiaud, B. Quero, M. Le Goff, P. Nyvall-Collen  Reinforcing the intestinal barrier with an algae extra
1418 I. Coskun, H. Cayan, K. Sacihan, G. Erener Probiotic effect of tarhana on caecal microflora of quails (Coturnix coturnix Japonica)
15:00-15:15  Session-4  NUTRİTİON II
ID Autors Title
1259 A. Bulancak, M. Baylan Effects of propolis and thyme essential oil as a bio¬fumigants on growth performance parameters of hatching eggs
1261 O. Atik, O. Corum, D. Durna Corum, F. Altan, B. Erdem, K. Uney Changes in serum biochemical parameters following the administration of kanamycin in Alectoris chukar
1268 E. Güngör, A. Altop, G. Erener Changing nutritional composition of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) seed by Aspergillus niger solid state fermentation to making suitable for poultry nutrition
1269 A. Altop, E. Güngör, G. Erener Aspergillus niger can improve nutritional composition of wheat bran under solid state fermentation to make a protein source for poultry diets
1271 E. Güngör, G. Erener Effects of fermented sour cherry (Prunus cerasus) kernel with Aspergillus niger under solid state fermentation on performance, digestibility and cecal microflora in broiler chicks
1274 H. Çayan, İ. Coşkun, A. Şahin Chickens are not omnivore any more
1277 M. Baylan, S. Canoğulları Doğan, A. Bulancak, K. Kurşun Effects of different feed form on fattening performance, cutting and carcass characteristics of Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
1285 T. Bülbül, V. Özdemir, E. Ulutaş, A. Bülbül Determination of the effect of myrtle (Myrtus communis L.) oil on small intestinal motility in broiler
1286 M. S. Akosman, T.Bülbül, A. Bülbül, M. Akalın, V. Özdemir Effects of dietary supplementation of arginine and lysine on total number and volume of nuclei of the cardiomyocytes in laying quails
1300 M. D. Shakouri, M. Malekzadeh Effect of thyme species extracts on performance and nutrients digestibility of broiler chickens
1436 S. Sarıözkan, Y.Konca, A. Akçay, M. Küçükoflaz Technical and economic effect of constant and variable feeding during and after molting period in white free ranged hens
1316 V. Nikoofard, G. Shahab, Y. Akbar Crystalline amino acids diet for broiler performance
1320 A. Yıldırım, H. Eleroğlu, A. Şekeroğlu New feeding strategies in organic poultry breeding
1321 M. I. Şen, M. A. Yıldırım Effects of dietary Panax ginseng leaf extract on production performance and egg quality of laying hens
1328 P. Sacakli, A. Ceylan, A.Calik Effect of dietary glutamin and quercetin on performance and jejenum histomorphology of broilers
1330 Y. Uzun, H. R. Kutlu Effect of dietary trace mineral sources on performance, bone development and leg health of broilers
1334 Z. Hayat, G. Saleem, A. Hafeez, A. Rehman, Z. Ullah Effect of different ratios of valine and iso-leucine to lysine on growth performance, blood biochemistry and carcass characteristics in broilers
1341 Ş. Özatay Phytase in poultry diets
1343 E. E. Gultepe, A. Iqbal, I. S. Cetingul, C. Uyarlar, U. Ozcinar,  I. Bayram Effect of different level of pomegranate juice on performance, egg quality trait, and some blood parameters in laying hens
1354 İ. Ülger, Ç. Ay, M. Kaliber Effect of shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes) ınclusion to quail diets on growth performance
1359 E. Yılmaz, S. Uysal, M. Gul Relationship of nutrition with intestinal enzymes in poultry
1364 P. Özdemir, H. Basmacıoğlu-Malayoğlu, İ. Yavaş Olive leaf as local feed additive for sustainable poultry nutrition
1370 M. Ölmez, M. Makav, H. A. Eroğlu, T. Şahin A natural feed additive in poultry feeding: Resveratrol
1371 S. Canoğulları Doğan, S. Yaman, İ. Uçak Use of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa willd) seed in poultry nutrition
1386 S. A. Hosseini, A. H. Alizadeh-Ghamsari, H. Lotfollahian Effects of organic and inorganic form of zinc on performance, carcass characteristics and immune system of broiler chickens
1390 Ş. N. Özçelik, A. Şahin Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum- graecumL.) seeds can be used as feed material in poultry nutrition
1391 A. Ortiz, L. Stef, A. Ion Feeding Ecobiol® (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940) improves performance of broiler chickens
1397 S. Canoğulları Doğan, İ. Uçak, S. Yaman, M. Baylan Use of licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) in poultry feed as active ingredientgastro-intestineal
1401 H. Lotfollahian Effect of oregano essential oil on gut morphology and digestive organs weights in broiler chicks
1412 E. Andrianova, I. Egorov, V. Fisinin, E. Grigoryeva Lupine in diets for broilers, commercial laying hens, and layer parental flock
1425 S. Sarica, H. M. Sevinc, E. Berberoglu The effects of dietary supplementation of natural and synthetic metabolite of provitamin D3 and phytase on growth performance and tibia parameters of broilers
1428 C. Orhan, M. Tuzcu, N. Sahin, K. Sahin Effects of arginine-silicate-inositol complex on bone mineralization in laying hens
2019 Oct 21, Monday
09:00-10:30 Session-5 GENETICS AND GENOMICS
ID Authors Title
1044 A. S. Jatoi, E. Bughio, J. Hussain, M. H. Jaspal, S. Mehmood, A. W. Sahota, K. Javed, A. Mahmud, R. Bughio, H. M. Ishaq Carcass traits as influenced by different body weight categories in four close-bred flocks of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
1045 E. Bughio, A. S. Jatoi, J. Hussain, M. H. Jaspal, S. Mehmood, A. W. Sahota, K. Javed, A. Mahmud, R. Bughio, H. M. Ishaq  Effect of parental body weight on somebody measurements in sexed progeny of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) studied at different ages
1055 K. Karabağ, E. Tüten Sevim Effect of SNP’s on the secondary protein structure of prolactin gene in long-term selected Japanese quail
1056 K. Karabağ, B. İ. Yıldız Oncogenic viruses on poultry
1057 K. Karabağ, A. Alemli Effect of SNP’s on the secondary protein structure of insulin-like growth factor-1 gene in long-term selected Japanese quail
1111 R. Rusfidra West Sumatera local ducks as poultry genetic resources in Indonesia - a review
1121 M. Noubandiguim, M. Sarıca Some plumage mutations of Japanese quail resulting from the level of inbreeding
1226 K. M. Sabuncuoğlu, D. Narinç  Poultry breeding from past to today
1238 S. Faruque, M. O. A. Rahman, N. R. Sarker Conservation and improvement of fifth generation of different types of quail
1247 M. S. K. Sarker, S. Sultana, S. Faruque, N. R. Sarker Performances of native duck genotypes (Rupali & Nageswari) through selective breeding program
1301 R. Işık, H. H. İpçak Bioinformatics and sequence alignment: An example calpain gene in Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
1314 R. Işık New approaches in poultry production: Candidate genes related with growth and meat quality in Japanese quails
1355 K. Karabağ, E. Tüten Sevim, B. İ. Yıldız, E. Toparslan Effect of SNP’s on the secondary protein structure of ghrelin gene ın long-term selected Japanese quail
10:45-12:30 Session-6 INCUBATION
ID Autors Title
1125 K. M. Sabuncuoğlu, D. Narinç, F. Korkmaz, H. E. Şamlı Effect of monochromatic light stimuli during embryogenesis on hatch time
1133 S. Y. Aydın, N. Kalkan, T. Shah, M. Vafaeinia, S. Yalçın Strain differences and egg weight affected leg bones development of broiler embryos and chicks
1144 T. Kırmızıbayrak, B. Boğa Kuru, M. M. Cengiz, S. Adıgüzel Işık Egg and hatchability traits in pekin ducks
1249 U. S. Yamak, K. Erensoy, E. Cilavdaroğlu, E. Ergin, M. Sarıca Effect of breeder age on hatching traits under long term storage conditions
1342 G. Çopur Akpınar, S. Alaşahan , T. Ayaşan Selected traits of hatched and unhatched eggs and growth performance of yellow japanese quails
1362 M. Sarı, Aykut A. Akbaş, K. E. Buğdaycı, M. Saatcı Some egg and hatching traits of linda geese reared under local breeder conditions
1381 A. F. Abdulqader, O. Olgun The effect of injection of zinc-glysine on hatchability, hatching weight and some organs weight some in quail hatching eggs
1408 H. J. Barfourooshi, S. A. Hosseini, A. Aghashahi, A. Sadeghipanah, N. Papi, A. Yaghoubfar The effect of Vemoherb T on reproductive performance of broiler breeder
1431 U. S. Yamak, M. A. Boz, K. Erensoy, M. Sarıca Effect of egg shell thickness and storage period on hatching traits of chicken eggs
12:30-13:30 Session-7 MANAGEMENT
ID Authors Title
1123 T. Şengül, Ş. Çelik, B. Söğüt, H. İnci, Ö. Şengül Investigation of growth curves of live weight with some nonlinear models in broiler chickens
1118 K. Erensoy, M. Sarıca, U. S. Yamak  Relations between welfare and health of laying hens in cage system
1252 E. Bayraktar, A. Şekeroğlu, M. Duman The effect of altitude on some performance and structural features of the village chicken production: Artvin province example
1372 G. Kırbaş, İ. Takcı A comparative morphometric study on os hyoideum of female and male geese growing in Kars
1380 B. Gözet, M. Baylan, A. Bulancak, K. Kurşun Effect of different breeding systems on growth performance, carcass and meat quality of Japanese quails
1077 A. M. Quilicot, D. H. Tomic, Z. Gottstein, E. Prukner-Radovcic Assessment of Chlamydiaceae contamination on litter and water in free-range chicken flocks
1278 A. Şekeroğlu, M. Duman, S. Karaman Effect of litter type and gender on some temperature parameters in broiler
1098 O. Gorgulu, A. Akilli Application of fuzzy nonlinear regression for egg production curve fitting
1315 Ö. Görgülü, T. Çiçek Rathert The effect of lightening of strip led in different colors in Coturnix coturnix japonica on performance parameters
1245 Ö. Varol Avcılar, E. E. Onbaşılar Rearing factors affecting the immune system in poultry
1406 I. P. Saleyeva, A. V. Ivanov, E. N. Andrianova  The influence of stocking density on the productive performance in cage-housed broiler breeder flock
1214 D. Narinç, E. Aydemir S. Baytur, T. Aksoy The chick quality
1405 M. Vafaeinia, G. Turgay İzzetoğlu, S. Y. Aydın, N. Kalkan, S. Yalçın Effect of egg weight on breast muscle development in fast-and slow-growing broiler embryos and chicks
1078 H. Yıldırım, U. Doğan, T. Çimrin Determination of the morphological characteristics of scandaroon pigeon (Columba livia domestica) grown in the central of Hatay province
1379 N. Kalıta, N. Pathak, M. Ahmed Comparative evaluation of Kamrupa and indigenous chicken in rural areas of Assam
1083 S. Alkan, İ. Türker, K. Karabağ, T. Karslı Climatic environment and control in hen house
1376 N. Kalita, N. Pathak, M. Ahmed Economics of rearing Kamrupa, Vanaraja, PB2 X indigenous and indigenous chicken in rural condition
1162 E. Uruk, F. Yenilmez The situation of organic poultry within organic livestock in Turkey
1092 N. Alloui, S. Sassia, B. Hamdani The importance of traditional poultry farming in the development of animal production in Algeria
1186 H. Eleroğlu, H. Bircan, A. Yıldırım The effect of socio-economic status on consumers' thinking towards organic products in TR72 region (Kayseri, Sivas and Yozgat)
1050 K. Tareka, B. Hassina Morpho-histological study of the lymphoid organs of broiler chickens during various stress
1256 Ö. Sahan Effects of energized oxygen in drinking water on the performance of broiler chicken
1366 B. Tarım, M. Doğu, A. A. Kılınç , S. Demir, H. Öztürk The effect of conventional and enriched litter system upon incubation result and plumage score in layer breeder hens
1202 Y. Baykalır, Ü. G. Şimşek Effect of different photoperiod treatments on serum albumin levels in broiler chickens
1251 A. Şekeroğlu, M. Duman Performance characteristics of slow growing broilers used in alternative broiler breeding systems
1250 A. Şekeroğlu, M. Duman An overview of world’s goose production and global trade
1131 Ö. S. Yapıcıer, M. Saatcı Energızed oxygen disinfection of egg shell
1115 M. A. Boz, U. S. Yamak, M. Sarıca, F. Öz, A. Uçar  The effect of production system and slaughtering age on meat quality of pheasants
1035 İ.Türker, S. Kamanlı, S. Alkan Comparison of atabey and atak-s native commercial layer hens in term of egg quality traits
1183 H. Eleroğlu, H. Bircan, A. Yıldırım The factors affecting on poultry products consumption in Kayseri province
1058 N. B. Rano, A. S. Chaudhry, S. A. Edwards Behavioural responses of broiler chickens fed increasing levels of wheat distiller’s dark grains with solubles managed under controlled environment
1137 T. Shah, S. Y. Aydın, S. Özkan Fear related behavioral responses of slow and fast growing broiler chicks at early ages
1331 S. Kamanlı, S. Özkan, A. N. Taşdemir, Ş. Demirtaş, E. Tülek, M. Pekcan, Efe Kurtdede, H. Öztürk Production parameters and feather scores of local layer hybrids kept in enriched cages
1339 B. Tarım, M. Doğu, D. Doğan, A.A. Kılınç, S. Demir, H. Öztürk The effect of conventional and enriched litter system upon performance and plumage score in roosters
1403 E. Dereli Fidan Effect of different colours clothes on fear and stress responses, some meat quality traits and performance in broilers
1419 A. Bulancak, N. Özen Uniformity and welfare problems at broiler houses and new solution approaches by computer modelling programs
1052 M. Sarıca, U.S. Yamak, M. Akif Boz, K. Erensoy Performances of fast, medium and slow growing broiler chickens reared barn and free-range production systems
1417 Z. Kiyma, A. Akdağ, Y. Altay, S. Avcı Growth performance and carcass characteristics of slow growing broilers grazed on pasture covered with chicory, white clover or purslane
1358 I. Kilic, H. Delice Efficiency assessment of indoor environmental conditions in a broiler house using temperature-humidity index
1361 I. Kilic, E. Simsek, E. Yaslioglu Particulate matter concentrations in summer season in a broiler house
15:00-15:15       Session-8  PRODUCT QUALITY
ID Authors Title
1036 Z. Islam, M. Ikram Effect of dietary organic selenium supplementation on the productivity, selenium distribution in egg and blood hematology of laying quail
1043 E. Bughio, A. S. Jatoi, J. Hussain, M. H. Jaspal, S. Mehmood, A. W. Sahota, K. Javed, A. Mahmud, R. Bughio, H. M. Ishaq  Effect of continuous and intermittent lighting regimens during growing period on some egg quality traits in local and imported strains of Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
1086 S. DURU The role and importance of halal food certification in Turkish Republic’s broiler exports
1089 S. Djeffal, B. Mamache, R. Elgroud, O. Bouaziz, J. M. Rolain Salmonella resistant to extended-spectrum cephalosporin isoleted from broiler chicken farms in Skikda
1100 L. Bayyurt, E. Berberoğlu, Ş. Sarıca, C. Tırınk Estimation of meat quality in broilers by fuzzy logic and ordinal regression method
1103 I. Essaidi, H. Ayed, M. Mahmoudi Sarra, H. Sonia Effect of dietary supplementation with Rosmarinus officinalis powder on antioxidative potential and sensory and microbiological qualities of breast meat organic broilers
1110 J. L. Malagoli de Mello, R. A. de Souza, E. N. F. Cavalcanti, A. Giampietro-Ganeco Rodrigo, F. de Oliveira, M. M. Boiago, P. A. de Souza, H. Borba Attributes related to softness of breast meat from broilers affected by white striping myopathy
1117 M. A.Boz, U. S. Yamak, M. Sarıca, F. Öz, K. Erensoy The effect of production system and slaughtering age on meat quality of guinea fowls
1217 G. Çopur Akpınar, S. Alaşahan, S. Canoğulları Doğan Determination of the egg quality characteristics with mathematical formulas in pekin ducks grown in public farms
1219 F. Nugroho, S. Maharani, H. Abdurrahman, A. Muhammad, F. Rasdi Turi duck egg quality in Kretek sub district, Bantul regency, special region Yogyakarta as original germplasm of Indonesia
1224 A. Sh. Kavtarashvili, I. L. Stefanova, V. S. Svitkin, E. N. Novotorov, E. N. Andrianova Effective approaches to the biofortification of eggs with ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, selenium, and vitamin E
1237 M. Taşkıran, E. Olum, K. Candoğan Alterations in proteins and functional characteristics of chicken breast and thigh meats with microwave cooking
1272 A. Zungur Bastıoğlu, F. M. Serdaroğlu, M. Karabıyık Effects of olive oil as partial replacer of animal fat in heat treated turkey sucuk on protein oxidation during production
1275 M. Karabıyıkoğlu, B. Öztürk, M. Serdaroğlu A study on incorporation of sweet potato powder in model system turkey emulsions
1297 E. Çalık, K. Candoğan Proteomics approach for poultry meat quality assessment
1347 M. Kaliber, G. Filik, A. G. Filik, S. Sarıözkan, Y. Konca Effect of oregano essential oil and carob extract mixture on egg quality traits of laying hens
1368 M. Yüceer, C. Caner Liquid Egg White Enzyme Modification Using Protease- Effects on Physio-Chemical Characteristics
1383 H. Borba, J. L. Malagoli de Mello, R. A. de Souza, E. N. F. Cavalcanti, A. Giampietro-Ganeco Rodrigo, F. de Oliveira,  P. A. de Souza Color traits, pH and water holding capacity of breast meat from broiler chickens affected by white striping myopathy
1384 M. Serdaroğlu, M. Karabıyıkoğlu, A. Zungur Bastıoğlu, B. Nacak The effects of using olive oil on fatty acid composition and some quality parameters of heat – treated turkey sucuks
1387 M. Serdaroğlu, H. S. Kavuşan, G. İpek, B. Nacak Quality characteristic of fresh poultry sausages formulated with linseed/black cumin o/w gelled emulsions as fat replacer
1422 M. Yüceer, C. Caner The edible coatings for maintaining eggs quality and minimize eggshell breakage- a-review
1423 M. Yüceer Emerging and new non-thermal food preservation technologies in egg processing – trends and future ındustrial perspectives: An overview
1430 Ş. Çelik, T. Şengül, B. Söğüt Examination of the effects of some egg quality characteristics on yolk and albumen weight by MARS method in Japanese quails